OWC Recent Trip to Hong Kong in 2015

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OWC Recent Trip to Foshan, May 2015

Culture Center Director, Mr. Li Tao and staff having a meeting with Sifu Gordon and Sifu Tony about Shishan and Brisbane becoming sister cities.


ANZAC Day service St Petersburg

Outback Wing Chun attending ANZAC Day service at St Petersburg


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After the service with Australian Ambassador to Russia, the Honourable Mr Paul Myler next to Sifu Gordon and team, Sifu Osman from Russia far left.

Outback Wing Chun In Sunday Mail April 19, 2015


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O.W.C at 2015 M.A Olympic's Russia

Outback Wing Chun in Russia !!!

Our team is participating the M.A. Olympic's in Russia

This are some of the hightlights :-

Sifu Gordon and Sifu Aaron with Sifu Osman who runs the St Petersburg clubs

With Sifu Osman and club members from St Petersburg

2015 Chinese New Year Parade

It's been an honour, Outback Wing Chun has again been invited to attend this great event at the Brisbane City Mall.

With a fantastic team, we have presented our forms and chi sau to the public.

These are some photos taken on that day.

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Craig Williams with Sifu Gordon

Craig Williams, the world's best jockey with Sifu Gordon supporting Outback Wing Chun in the up and coming World Titles.

Paying respects at Ip Man's grave site

During the 2009 visit to Hong Kong for Grandmaster Ip Chun's 85th birthday, the club visited Ip Man's grave site to pay respects and train. They do 10-minute sets of each exercise, followed by the forms.

Grand master Ip Chun and Sifu Gordon 1995-2009

Grand master Ip Chun and Sifu Gordon 1995-2009

A collection of photos and videos of Grand master Ip Chun and Sifu Gordon from 1995 to 2009.

Sifu Gordon and Si Hing Flemming giving a Chi Sau demonstration

Sifu Gordon and Si Hing Fleming demonstrate the chi sau training technique at the recent opening of a new club in China.
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