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Sifu Gordon: Legacy
Sifu Aaron: The Deaf Society
Sifu James: The Full Stop Foundation
Sifu Gordon
(Founder of Outback Wing Chun)


Sifu Gordon Shellshear;

After an honourable discharge from the 2nd/4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, Sifu Gordon started Wing Chun in 1988 with Sifu Rolf Clautsnitzer ...

He then spent some time in the U.K with Sifu Samuel Kwok . In 1995 Sifu Gordon became an indoor student of Grandmaster Ip Chun.

He has also trained with Grandmaster Ip Ching and Grandmaster Lai Guy.

Sifu Aaron  (Melbourne)
0412 301 367

Sifu  Aaron ;

Sifu Aaron started as a student with Sifu Gordon in 2000.

He has travelled to China, Hong Kong and Russia with Sifu Gordon promoting Cultural Exchange.

Sifu James (Adelaide)
0410 194 358
Sifu James

Sifu  James ;

Sifu James has been with Sifu Gordon since 2016/17.

Sifu James has travelled to China with Sifu Gordon promoting Cultural Exchange.