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Outback Wing Chun

Grand Master Ip Man
Grandmaster Ip Chun Calligraphy

Calligraphy by Grandmaster Ip Chun, Eldest Son of the Late Great Grandmaster Ip Man, given to Sifu Gordon 1998


Grandmaster Ip Chun with Sifu Gordon 2018


Sifu Gordon in the 2nd/4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment 1986


Grandmaster Ip Chun presenting the Ving Tsun Athletic Association flag to Sifu Gordon 1995/96


The Late Grandmaster Ip Ching with Sifu Gordon 1998

Outback Wing Chun is a club dedicated to promoting  Cultural Exchange, with a View to World Peace, through Martial Arts ... the World over.

The Lineage of Grandmaster Ip Chun and the Principles of Wing Chun. Grandmaster Ip Chun passed on the 9 Principles of Wing Chun to Sifu Gordon in 2011.

Since January 2012 Outback Wing Chun has participated, representing Grandmaster Ip Chun and Australia, in the Wing Chun World Titles held in Foshan, China and the Martial Arts Olympics in St Petersburg, Russia.

OWC focus is not to win medals, but to use the oppourtunity to promote Cultural Exchange, through the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Ng Mui
Mr Li Tao, the Locun Culture Director, Sifu Gordon and the  Guang Dong Provence Cultural Assistant Director.

Mr Li Tao, Locun Culture Director, Sifu Gordon and Mr Liu Jing Hong, Guang Dong Provence Cultural Assistant Director, Foshan, China 2017.

Daniel medal.JPG

Current World Wing Chun Open Competition Title Holder for Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy), Sifu Daniel Chan Outback Wing Chun, Ipswich Branch.

Sifu Gordon to exchange M.A Olympic jackets with Russia's representative
Sifu Gordon to exchange M.A Olympic jackets with Russia's representative
Sifu Gordon to exchange M.A Olympic jackets with Russia's representative

At the closing of the 100th anniversary ANZAC DAY SERVICE in St Petersburg, Russia, Sifu Gordon exchanges his Australian Martial Arts Olympic jacket with Russia's representative Sifu Osman, the Australian Ambassador to Russia, the Honourable Mr Paul Myler looking on.


After the 100th year ANZAC DAY ANNIVERSARY CEREMONY, The Australian Ambassador to Russia, the Honourable Mr Paul Myler with Sifu Gordon.


Sifu Gordon awarded the Medal of Merit in Martial Arts from the Confederation of Martial Arts President Professor Nikolai Smirnov, Russia 2016.

Grandmaster Ip Chun @93 years old

One Inch Punch


"Industrious Vista"

Grand Master Ip Chun
Grand Master Ip Ching
Grand Master Guy Lai
Mr. Li Tao
Sifu Flemming
Sifu Aaron
Sifu James
Chris Petherick
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